Breach of Free movement of European labour by the Romanian Government

I’m writing you this letter in order to inform you about the way Romania treats European citizens and how Romania violates  European fundamental rights such as the free movement of people and servicesI’m a Dutch Citizen. I’m living and working for over two years in Romania right now. I’m a freelancer and I worked in lived in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Great – Britain and Hungary.  I speak Dutch, English, German, French Hungarian and I have had Latin.  I consider myself to be a true European.

On the 24th of  December 2013 I was trying to deliver contractual interpreting services for a Dutch journalist at the police in Targu  Mures / Marosvásárhely.  As a certified and sworn translation interpreter the police is one of my main customers in the Netherlands.  However in this case my customer was a Dutch journalist, who needed interpreting services in Romania.  The reason he needed my services is actually very straightforward.  At governmental institutions in Romania it is almost impossible to find someone who speaks English, German or French.  Since Hungarian is an official language besides Romanian in certain administrational units in Romania, there is a real need for my services.

At the entrance I asked to be helped in Hungarian, despite repetitive inquiries and also showing them the relevant Romanian laws, like article 120 of the Romanian constitution, I was not helped at all.  Of course no one spoke English, German or French, which again showed the need for my interpreting services. After 10 minutes of politely and patiently asking to be helped in the official language I was handcuffed with brutal force and dragged away to a room at the end of the corridor.

There the police officer asked me whether I wanted to start a revolution. I told them that they have the obligation to communicate with me in Hungarian, which is the official language according to article 120 of the Romanian constitution and I showed them the printed text of the Romanian constitution, the Strasbourg treaty and the European Charta for regional languages amongst others.  He got very angry and they tried to tear the booklet with the relevant Romanian laws which I was holding in my hand apart. They didn’t succeed because the book had a thick cover. 

The atmosphere was very aggressive. After this they suddenly blinded the room. Then I felt a hard punch in my back, probably a fist or an elbow. After this three senior persons came into the room. One spoke Hungarian and asked me what I wanted to do. I told all three of them that I’ve been beaten. The other two persons didn’t respond to this. Then I showed my Identification card.

 When they saw that I’m Dutch and that I’m born in Eindhoven they were flabbergasted and very disappointed. One of the senior persons  who previously didn’t understand Hungarian became very upset and emotional.  Suddenly it turned out that he spoke Hungarian and in broken Hungarian with a strong Romanian accent, he asked me in a very angry and emotional tone how it is possible that a Dutch person masters the Hungarian language flawlessly.  I consider this an act of racial discrimination  and an act of utmost primitivism to say that a Dutch person cannot learn a foreign language.

After this I was allowed to leave.  The journalist had  his microphone left  on, and consequently he recorded the first 15 minutes at the entrance. Online on He  wrote a news article about  this in the Dutch press and this has been broadcasted on the Dutch radio as well.  I also mentioned this issue in other  dutch press articles.  NRC, Nederlands Dagblad, Linguaan.

After this I filled criminal charges with my lawyer at the court of Mures / Maros.  For the denial of governmental services based on language and race, which is a criminal act.  Also  my basic rights as a European have been violated. This is the right to work and provide services in another EU country. A  basic right which is used by millions of Romanians in Europe.  I filled a complaint with the European Commission for the breach of community law regarding the free movement of people, good and services in the European Union.  ( CHAP 2014 01809 )  The case is still pending.

The police reacted to the allegations and stated in a written response  that  Europeans are not entitled to use the same rights as Romanian citizens do !!  This is a very severe breach of European Law. Besides this they even deny that they have beaten me. On top of that they even managed to come up with a falsified report for illegally entering a building, which is absurd, because the journalist was standing next to me.  It is obvious that this report has been made afterwards as a reaction to the criminal charges which I pressed.  A copy of this  falsified report has been attached to this letter.

My lawyer repudiated these false claims. The Police reacted by writing 8 false statements in which it's claimed that they saw the report being made. These statements are full of lies and contradictions.  I would like to stress out that that I’ve been inside for less than 15 minutes, so to handcuff me, drag me away, calm me, interrogate me, beat me, make an official report, call for someone who speaks Hungarians and then call a witness, who signed the report and then let me leave is an impossible timescale ( Of course I never saw this report, neither the witness and it is not clear to me where they handed this over).  Of course my lawyer already responded to this.

I  informed the Dutch embassy about the way I’ve been treated. I gave them a very detailed report. I also found out that all the 9 persons who were involved in my case, and who made the false statements are all  ethnic Romanians, although Tirgu Mures / Marosvásárhely is an  ethnically mixed city, inhabited by almost as much Hungarians as Romanians.  So consequently the fact that none of the nine people was an ethnic Hungarian cannot be explained by statistical bias nor coincidence.   This kind of Apartheid is unheard of in Western Europe.  ( Welsh in Great-Britain, Frisians in the Netherlands, Flemish in Belgium, South-Tyrolean in Italy, Swedish in Finland and Basks in Spain amongst others)

As a European I’m a second rang citizen in Romania. I’m not able to use those  most basic rights which are used by Romanians  in Western Europe on a massive scale. I’m outraged that this country became EU member, because I had expectations to be able to live and work in Romania, based on all the treaties that Romanian signed in order to be EU member. ( Strassbourg Treaty, European Charta of Languages, treaty between Hungary and Romania, but also the treaty which allows for free movement of people, goods and services within Europe.   Amongst others) These treaties would have made it possible for as a Dutch citizen me to live and work in Romania.

Please feel free to report about this case.  If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Background information on the case can be found on:

Your sincerely.

Drs. G. Landman

Sworn Translator /  Interpreter Dutch-Hungarian at the court of Amsterdam. 

Email G.Landman @ 


Instead of free labour and services, I got handcuffs and  beating paired with intimidation.   "Limba Officiala Este Romana" means In Romania the official language is Romanian.  When is a Romanian treated in this way by British authorities when he is enjoying his European Rights of free movement of labour and services. ?

Next page :  Instead of apologizing for the way I've been treated They came up with a falsified report.  I never saw this report and I never heard of it. Only  through my lawyer.  It is obvious that this report has been made afterwards.  My lawyer pressed criminal charges for making this false report. The police of Tirgu Mures / Marosvásárhely  came up with 8 written and false statement ! All of these statements state that they saw this report being made and being handed over to me.


3 A  written report which has been fabricated afterwards. Click on the image to download in a higher resolution

1 Handcuffs and beating instead of enjoying basic european rights such as free movemnet of people and services 

2. Bilanguality on the outside , xenofobia, racism and aparthheid on the inside.

4 False staments made with the sole purpose to claim that there has been a report.  The statemens have been obiously made afterwards in a clumsy and inconsistent manner.

5 According to European Law, A European citizen is entitled to use the same language rights as cizitizen of the state.

6. The police asked me In Hungarian - how it is possible that a Dutchman speaks Hungarians.